About us

Services 3d architectural visualization: choose a pro!

To create a realistic image of the future object became possible only after the appearance of computers and graphic tablets. It's hard to believe that more recently a person did not have the opportunity to perform 3d design and reproduce a real or fictional world in virtual space. The specialists of the architectural bureaus knew nothing about the computer art of 3d rendering, so they drew the models of country houses, studios or cottages with the help of the usual brushes and pencil. Even a professional artist could not make it so that the customer imagined the whole atmosphere inherent in a particular object: its exterior, interior, and design of premises. Today, everything has changed, and we have the opportunity to translate any ideas with the help of 3d modeling techniques!

From the artist to the 3d-artist: a step towards the future!

Modern master artists, actively cooperating with 3d-modelers, 3d-animators and visualizers, create real masterpieces of architectural thought.

Any of these professions of virtual space designers consists of three elements:

   - artistic skills;

   - Possession of software software 3ds max, v-ray, corona, photoshop;

   - professional quality.

The current 3d-artist is now not limited to the screen plane and can make any model photorealistic. But for real professionalism in the visual effects industry you will need the same basis: drawing, paints, sculpture. Therefore, a person who wants to associate his life with 3d visualization needs to go through the path of cognition and experiments with different means, including modeling, rendering, the basics of topology and shading, animation, photoshop, etc. To model a house in 3d using 3D graphics, it is necessary to give a lot of time to study color, light, composition, different artistic techniques, but most importantly - to develop a sense of beauty in yourself! Only then the program 3d max coupled with the talent and perseverance will bring the desired fruits in the form of a photorealistic image!

Laboratory of artistic visualization ARTVIZLAB: a little about us

This 3d-artist of the "full" cycle is a virtual 3d-builder, which applies a complex artistic approach to the implementation of projects of any complexity. We believe that architectural 3d visualization of the house, apartment, office will be successful if we combine the academic design and digital computer graphics qualitatively. Such a fusion of modern technology, technical and creative professions will provide an amazing result when performing a visualization of a 3d apartment or a country house!
Any ideas of the client to realize with special thoroughness and enthusiasm with the help of 3d design we can - a team of young, creative, creative people: 3d-artists, 3d-modellers and visualizers who know and love their work! Specializing in providing services for 3d modeling, texturing, the employees of our laboratory ARTVIZLAB are able to design an idea living on paper in the form of drawings and diagrams, into a voluminous, realistic drawing.
In cooperation with us, you have the guarantee to receive even an extremely ambitious idea with a magnificent implementation. Our 3D artists have a three-dimensional thinking, have a sense of style, perfectly master the program for 3d modeling online and come up with a special philosophy to create each model. We offer you not just qualified services 3d, but the shortest way from the idea to its implementation!