At the moment, 3D-technologies are actively used in many types of art - cinema, animation, even photos. Ads on the Internet are full of advertising courses for 3D-artists, you might think that this will really learn in 2 months.

Still, photographers are most skeptical about this - they believe that the use of modern computer technology greatly simplifies and even trials the art of creating masterpieces of visual art.

Is there something in common between a photographer and a 3D artist?

It is worth noting that both the photographer and the artist before starting work have a common goal - the creation of a composition. Only the photographer should compose it from the elements of his environment, and the artist - solely by the power of his imagination.

Only through fantasy and flight of thought can a modern 3D artist create an image that will become world famous and recognizable. Moreover, now it is not only represented as a flat picture, but also as a three-dimensional, lively image.

A photographer gets 1 good shot from several hundred - it can hardly be called art, it is more like professionally honed skills using a camera. The artist does not have such an opportunity - he can only make changes to the already begun picture.

The painter makes up in his mind the final picture of the composition, like a puzzle - he tries to explain for himself what he portrays, whether he likes it or, conversely, causes disgust. The photographer does not have such thoughts in the process.

The nuances of the artist

The artist is more sincere in his work - you can always trace whether he liked what he created? Often the paintings reflect the master's inner world - his depression, depression, self-seeking or joy, satisfaction, admiration.

Of course, photographers often charge artists with the fact that the pictures they painted are not identical, they often do not correspond to reality, because the author himself decides what to add to the image and what to remove.

But photographers also sin with this - they still know how often they use programs for retouching images. With their help, they remove any flaws, change the ratio of color and shade, often even colors are replaced by others in pursuit of the perfect picture? Well, who among them is the biggest hoaxer - artists or photographers?

Photography is just a well-recorded moment, and not always the photographer’s merit. The final appearance of the picture is completely dependent on the professional skills of the artist - here he has no one to hide behind.

The artist creates a new picture in a burst of inspiration - the idea may come to him in nature, in the behavior of people in the objects around him. It’s impossible to create on request for such people - if they perform such work, they always feel the coldness and indifference of the author to the image.

Photography is essentially a commercial product. Here, no one asks a photograph whether he likes the idea of ​​filming or not, whether he has a mood. He must respond extremely quickly to what is happening and try to make a complete product out of countless frames.

3D artists have the opportunity to fully analyze the process of creating a picture, there is time to think things through and make changes to the individual components of the canvas. Thanks to the emergence of photography, painting got rid of boring utilitarian creativity - new horizons in the field of contemporary art opened up before it.